All Outpatient Services are offered in all our four branches

Out patient Services offered

True to our vision, we strive to provide unparalleled, patient-centered Outpatient Services to all patients visiting our facility at very affordable charges on a 24hours, 7days a week basis.

The folllowing are some of the services offered in our Outpatient clinic.


All Inpatient services are offered in all our four branches


Komarock Modern HealthCare has the option of private rooms and general wards as far as accommodation is concerned.

In our Pediatric wards, we accommodate also the hospitalized child’s parent/guardian. We ensure that each patient receives tailor-made, personalized attention for their specific needs.

Our inpatient encomprises with the following units


All Paediatric clinics services are offered in all our four branches

Paediatric Clinic

We understand that children respond differently to illnesses, injuries and medication and need a personalized approach to treatment.

Our Pediatricians will monitor and manage the long-term health of your child including physical, behavioral, social-developmental, mental health issues and other conditions .

  • The clinics are run on appointment.


All Dental clinics services are offered in all our four branches


We take great pride in the quality of our dentistry and aspire to create happy, healthy smiles.

The hospital has state-of-the-art dental equipment to help provide exceptional services to clients visiting our dentists .


All Radiology services are offered in all our four branches

X-rays, CT scans, MRI and Ultrasounds

We have leveraged cutting-edge, sophisticated technology for our diagnostic hubs and provide a wide range of imaging services, both routine and specialized procedures.

Computed Tomography (CT scan) – Our multisclice CT scan machines help in examining patients’ internal structures in details and this have greatly improved the imaging range, time taken and resulting to better image resolutions.


All DIALYSIS SERVICES are offered in all our four branches


We have adequately equipped Renal Dialysis Units in our branches that provide individualized haemodialysis treatments for patients with renal failure.

For patients with end-stage kidney failure, we provide supportive treatment until their renal function recovers. We also have some machines for isolation.


All Laboratory Tests services are offered in all our four branches


Our laboratories operate 24 hours. We do a wide range of both routine and specialized tests at reasonable costs.

We serve not only those seen at our Outpatient and Inpatient departments, but also those wishing to request for certain tests themselves.

Below are some of the tests clients can make a self request


All PHARMACY SERVICES are offered in all our four branches


We have fully stocked pharmacies across our 4 branches which operate on a 24-hours basis, serving not only patients seen at our Outpatient Department, but also those who with external prescriptions. Our pharmacists adequately advice you on the prescriptions.

We dispense quality medicines at all our pharmacy outlets at the best price possible.

The Hospital procures all medicines and medical supplies only from registered suppliers thereby guaranteeing our patients quality medicines at all times, especially in light of the risk of counterfeit and substandard products in the industry.


All AMBULANCE SERVICES are offered in all our four branches


Komarock Modern Healthcare provides emergency ambulance services across our four branches. The ambulance forms an integral part of the emergency unit.

We are always ready to save lives before patients arrive at the hospital. The institution’s critical care ambulances have also been fitted with full patient life support during transportation from the site to the hospital.

Komarock Modern Healthcare have a team of highly trained staff comprising of emergency medical technicians, emergency nurses and doctors.

The vehicles are fully equipped with the following;